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There are multiple reasons why students choose Australia for their study abroad journey. With the lifestyle it has been promising students, their colleges rank amongst Top 100 of the world, Universities of Australia have seen an increase in their international students in recent years. Unlike any other country, the excellent education system with cheaper option for students introduces quality of life. Australia offers various entertainment options as well as higher student income. Students have benefit of working permit as well.

Selecting Australia for education purpose bring students with wonderful opportunities and experiences as well as world-class education. The globally recognized degree in Australia offers degree from preparatory level to post-graduate programme with flexibility and well-equipped global perspective. Areas such as engineering, accounting and health sciences have been ranked in the Qs University Rankings in 2014. Australian Universities have also received great ratings in terms of teaching quality, research and graduate employment till date.

To mention about the Multicultural lifestyle in Australia, this country welcome students with passion for sport, entertainment and variety of food options. Whether in or outside campuses, students can expect to meet people from different cultures with happening city life. Sydney and Melbourne is known for contemporary lifestyle having variety of restaurants, museums and amazing city parks.

Regarding study costs in Australia, it is much more cheaper compared to other desired study destinations like United States and United Kingdom. Below is the average expenses a student can estimate on their budget.

  • Tuition Fees of Universities (2years) AUD 30,000
  • Living Costs AUD 14400
  • Airfare from Nepal to Australia AUD 600
  • Visa Fee AUD 600
  • Total Expenses AUD 45519
  • Less part time earning AUD 18720
  • Net Cost AUD 26799
  • Less Scholarship amount If applicable
  • Total Money spent by student AUD 26799

Quick points on why study Australia?

  • High International ranking of Australian Universities
  • Part-time job opportunities for international students
  • Post study work visa 2-3 years
  • Available Pathway program for International students
  • IELTS, TOFEL and PTE scores are accepted by all universities
  • Opportunity for permanent residents
  • Flexibility in terms of university application and financial deadlines
  • No application fee in majority of Universities
  • No Visa Interviews
  • Low entry requirements
  • High possibilities for permanent employment opportunity in Australia
  • Quick Visa Outcomes

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